We hope SwissTargetPrediction has been useful for your research.
If so, please cite the following articles:

The main article describing the web service and its underlying methodologies is:

Daina, A., Michielin, O., and Zoete, V. (2019). SwissTargetPrediction: updated data and new features for efficient prediction of protein targets of small molecules. Nucl. Acids Res. 47(W1), W357-W364.

For a large-scale evaluation of the predictive ability of the employed reverse-screening method, please refer to:

Daina, A., and Zoete, V. (2024). Testing the predictive power of reverse screening to infer drug targets, with the help of machine learning. Comms. Chem. 7(1), 105.

For details about the underlying methodologies, please refer to:

Gfeller, D., Michielin, O., and Zoete, V. (2013). Shaping the interaction landscape of bioactive molecules. Bioinformatics 29(23), 3073-3079.